Experience the possible. The MEC Facilitator Bootcamp.

The Microsoft Experience Center (MEC) is a powerful tool that allows customers to sell themselves on the value that a consolidated Microsoft platform could deliver for their business. Customers who attend MEC sessions simulate true-to-life scenarios in a Microsoft-powered business. A MEC session creates a truly unique dynamic that builds trust and unlocks new business opportunities for the customer, Microsoft, and its partners. Learn More.

 Before the Event

Before you attend the event, please review the following Pre-Event Guide. This document covers the agenda, objectives and pre-work suggested.

***NOTE*** The Atlanta Event at the end of May goes from Tuesday-Friday because of the Memorial Day Holiday.

Need to Know

  • What Makes an Effective MEC Facilitator
    Published by MEC Info - 9 June 2014

    To participate in the program, partners must have at least one facilitator go through the qualification process. Prospective facilitators should...

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  • Requirements for Maintaining Qualification
    Published by MEC Info - 9 June 2014

    To provide a high-quality experience for every MEC session, Microsoft requires qualified partners and their facilitators to maintain qualified status.

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50% increase in O365 seats sold per account. $2B annual influenced revenue
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